spark a wellbeing revolution in your workplace

Our Interactive Health Kiosk offers a unique and interactive experience that empowers employees to take control of their own wellbeing.

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Boost staff wellbeing & Happiness

Specifically tailored for the dynamic needs of the modern workforce, the Interactive Health Kiosk entices employees to actively participate in wellbeing initiatives, increasing engagement across all levels of your organisation.

  • Easy, quick and confidential 
  • Core Health MOT includes Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Body Mass Index, Body Fat Content, Weight & Wellbeing Age® Score
  • Flexible rental programmes available
  • Real time feedback
  • Ideal for staff working shift patterns as it can be accessed 24/7 as no manning is required

A GAME-CHANGING health assessment tool

Our solution extends beyond the individual benefits. The anonymous reporting equips your organisation with insights into the overall health of your workforce without compromising individual employee privacy. 

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Feeling the pressure to improve employee wellbeing but overwhelmed by programme options?

We understand the importance of employee wellbeing for a successful business. That is why we have developed the Interactive Health Kiosk to assess the mental, physical and emotional wellbeing of your staff, as part of health and wellbeing activities for the workplace. 

The aim of the Interactive Health Kiosk is to:

  • Take the guesswork out of employee wellbeing with aggregated anonymous reporting, enabling organisations to create sustainable long-term wellbeing strategies.
  • Uncover health issues early, reducing long-term employee absence and associated sick days.
  • Provide light bulb moments that spark interest in employees to start and focus their health and wellbeing journey.
  • Allow employees that work outside of conventional working hours to have the opportunity to self test their key health metrics.

What our Clients Say


Over 700+ colleagues have checked in on their wellbeing in the last two months, making a real difference to their awareness and lifestyles!

Royal Albert Hall

Staff engagement has been really successful.
I would recommend Wellbeing People and in particular the Interactive Health Kiosk, especially for larger more complex organisations.

KP Snacks

We had Wellbeing People’s Health Kiosks at all of our production sites and the uptake was above all expectations. We had an expectation of 40% engagement, but it was almost 85%.

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You can’t control the health of your employees, but you can provide them
with the tools to understand it better. Together, we can make a meaningful difference to the wellbeing of your team.