FREE health and wellbeing webinar series

This series of free webinars has been funded by Staffordshire County Council, as part of their Workplace Health Programme for Staffordshire businesses.

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Whether your employees are at work, home, or travelling give them the tools, knowledge and support they need to improve and upgrade their physical and mental wellbeing.

Please download the promotional posters and encourage your team to sign up for the monthly webinars. We have provided a range of topics that will coincide with awareness days to help spark meaningful conversations and promote a culture of health and wellbeing within the workplace.

Upcoming Webinars

Nutrients vs Calories

Nutrients vs Calories - Wednesday 12th June 12pm - 1pm

Discover how specific nutrients can positively impact our mental wellbeing, influence our moods, improve focus, digestive function and overall gut health.

  • Learn how to build a personalised nutrition plan
  • Resolve several myths surrounding nutrition
  • Debunk common nutrition myths
Movement Medicine

Movement medicine - Tuesday 16th July at 3pm-4pm

Movement is not just about physical fitness; it has a profound impact on mental and emotional wellbeing too. Empower your team to embrace an active lifestyle and break the modern-day sitting epidemic.

  • Discover the difference between movement and exercise
  • Supercharge the immune system
  • Learn tips to incorporate movement into every day life
Workstation Posture and Pain

workstation posture and pain - wednesday 11th september 4pm- 5pm

Understand how inactivity affects your body and provide a plan of action to reduce the risk of developing work-related musculoskeletal injuries.

  • Understand postural distortion patterns associated with sitting
  • Create an ergonomic workstation
  • Learn exercises to alleviate pain and reduce stiffness
Navigating the menopause

Navigating menopause - friday 18th october 11am - 12pm

Gain an understanding of the female hormones and their impact on physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Learn to recognise signs and symptoms of perimenopause and menopause.

  • Useful advice around coping with the menopause
  • The cause, symptoms, and facts
  • Lessons into what alleviates and aggravates symptoms
Discover the freedom of movement

The Optimal Wellbeing Formula - thursday 14th November 1pm- 2pm

Designed to create wellbeing ‘lightbulb moments’ to empower even the most sceptical people to prioritise and take personal responsibility for their health, happiness, and longevity.

  • Learn more about what optimal wellbeing means
  • Discover lifestyle hacks for lasting wellbeing
  • Experience the powerful self-awareness quiz that evokes engagement, discussion, and action plans.

Winter Immunity - Tuesday 3rd December 10am-11am

Winter is a season that brings about a unique set of challenges for our physiological and mental wellbeing. Discover seasonal habits to support immunity whilst preventing burnout.

  • Discover nutritional upgrades for winter
  • Easy to implement movement and exercise habits
  • The importance of light exposure for mental fitness
Embracing the day and living life by design

Life By Design - Thursday 16th January 2pm- 3pm 2025

Say goodbye to burnout, disengagement, and lack of motivation. It’s time to elevate your optimal wellbeing by harnessing the transformational power of action-traction!

  • Discover the secret to the growth mindset
  • Learn how to set intrinsically motivated outcome goals
  • Make your mantra ‘progress not perfection’!
Group of people joining the happiness blueprint webinar

The Happiness Blueprint - Wednesday 13th February 12pm - 1pm 2025

Happiness is not just a fleeting emotion but a skill that can be nurtured and developed. Discover the happiness habits that have been proven to increase productivity, whilst supporting you to live a happier life.

  • Discover the power of happiness
  • Exploring the latest research and the 9 happiness habits
  • Learn how to rewire the brain for lasting happiness
Sleeping for success

Sleeping for Success - Friday 14th March 11am - 12pm 2025

Discover the importance of prioritising not only the quantity, but also the quality of sleep, to ensure you wake feeling restored, recharged and ready to conquer the day!

  • Discover the importance of restful recovery
  • Enhance resilience and reduce stress levels
  • Learn five practical lifestyle habits to wake up feeling refreshed

Webinar recordings

Resilience and Mental Fitness Webinar

Resilience and mental fitness webinar - Thursday 16th May 

Building resilience and mental fitness is not only about
overcoming challenges but also about fostering an environment to thrive and grow.

  • Discover the most effective resilience ‘life-hacks’
  • Move from poor mental health to mental fitness
  • Determine how to make stress work for you!

This series of free webinars has been funded by Staffordshire County Council, as part of their Workplace Health Programme for Staffordshire businesses.

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