Wellbeing People Team

The Wellbeing People Team are the cornerstone of our success. Each member of the team plays a pivotal role in achieving our company goals, fostering innovation and sustaining long-term growth.  

Meet our team

With over 18 years of experience, Wellbeing People Ltd is a leading wellbeing company in the UK and Europe. 

Meet our exceptional team, where collaboration is not just a concept but a way of life.  Our dedicated team go above and beyond to ensure exceptional customer care with a genuine commitment to meet the unique needs and expectations of each customer.

Get to know the faces behind our success 

A team that is dedicated to exceeding our customer's expectations.

Each team member brings a unique perspective and skill set, fostering an environment where ideas flourish, innovation thrives, and collective achievements are celebrated.  Our commitment to working harmoniously reflects not only in the high-quality service we provide but also in the positive energy that defines our workplace culture.

Ben McGannan
Ben mcgannan

Managing Director 

Meet Ben

Ben began his career as Operations Director for George S Clayton Marden Ltd (the family business), after graduating from the University of Kent at Canterbury.  In 1992, Ben went on to diversify the business with the introduction of Water for Work Ltd. 

Through various mergers and acquisitions, Ben lead Water for Work and Home Ltd to become one of the largest independent watercooler companies in the industry.  In 2005, Ben diversified the watercooler business by breaking into the wellbeing arena and launched a wellbeing division, Wellbeing People.  In 2019, Ben separated Wellbeing People from the watercooler business, to become its own company, Wellbeing People Ltd. 

Ben is a strong believer that changing behaviours and attitudes to the way we live, both at home and at work, is the catalyst to leading a healthier life.  

Ben loves what he does; he is passionate about the company and the team that support him. Ben looks after his own wellbeing through regular exercise, a varied healthy diet and scheduling in downtime!  Ben enjoys his sports; he is a very keen golfer and an avid supporter of Maidstone United FC where he watched his first match as an 8 year old with this Father! 

Phillip Lerwill
Phillip lerwill

Sales Director

Meet Phil

Phillip Lerwill has been with the original company since 1998, joining originally to strengthen the management of distribution within Water for Work and Home Ltd.  Since then, Phil has evolved with the business and developed a complete understanding of every aspect of its activities. 

In 2008, Phil was promoted to the Sales and Customer Service team to take on a role developing the sales and operational efficiency of Wellbeing People.  In 2015, Phil was promoted to General Manager of the entire wellbeing division and in August 2019, he became Sales Director for Wellbeing People Ltd. 

Phil trained locally on Rolls Royce and Bentley mechanics and restoration and has practical hands-on ability enabling him to tackle most situations, which coupled with his attention to detail and excellent people management skills makes him a significant asset to the business. 

He is a sports enthusiast having an interest in a wide variety of sports including a passion for Maidstone United FC, where he was a junior coach for many years. 

Justine Clarabut
Justine clarabut

Marketing Director

Meet Justine

Justine has been with the original company since 2011, when she joined to develop the fruit delivery model for companies across London and the Southeast.  Following various mergers and acquisitions, Justine became the Marketing Manager for the watercooler, fruit delivery and wellbeing divisions of the company.  In August 2019, Wellbeing People separated from Water Wellbeing Ltd, and Justine became Marketing Director solely for Wellbeing People Ltd.

In an ever-evolving digital landscape, Justine’s commitment to continuous learning and innovation has played a crucial role in adjusting marketing strategies to meet the evolving needs of the business.  

Justine looks after her wellbeing by enjoying as much time outside as she can, particularly where horses are involved!  She also loves and benefits from her weekly yoga sessions and will turn her hand to most sports and activities when the opportunity arises!

Jacob Neal
Jacob Neal

Finance Manager

Meet Jacob

Jacob joined Wellbeing People in October 2015 and has done everything from driving a van all over the country, delivery Health Kiosks and wellbeing events, carrying out health checks, planning and fixing websites as well as setting up and maintaining IT systems. In 2019, Jacob was promoted to Financial Manager for Wellbeing People Ltd, where he now builds yearly financial plans and keeps the company on budget!

Jacob’s interests include exercise (he says, when he eventually gets round to it), eating food (apparently good pizza is the best), watching Liverpool FC win and watching documentaries/videos that most people find boring and then telling them all about it!

Maggie Hurd
Maggie hurd

New Business and Account Manager

Meet Maggie

Maggie joined Wellbeing People in 2022 as New Business & Account Manager, a role that specialises in providing wellbeing services to organisations around the UK and in Europe for their employees.

Maggie’s background is working in staff health and wellbeing. She is a former qualified nurse with a passion for supporting all staff in the workplace to enable companies to be the best they can be.

Maggie has a natural capacity to build and maintain relationships and will always go the extra mile. She is a consummate professional with excellent communication and presentation skills.

After living for 16 years in London, Maggie moved to York in 2004 where she has happily settled. She enjoys walking her dog (Norman), cycling in the Yorkshire countryside and going to the gym when time permits. Maggie is a keen cricket fan and a new recruit to watching Formula 1 thanks to her partner (who is also her Fiancé). She also enjoys cooking and entertaining.

Siobhan Payne
Siobhan payne

New Business and Account Manager

Meet Siobhan

Siobhan joined the company in 2002 as a Telesales Operator for Water for Work and Home Ltd.  A few years later, Siobhan was promoted to Customer Service Manager, to manage the Customer Service team for watercoolers, and customer care.  

As the company evolved, Siobhan moved to the Sales Team as New Business and Account Manager and now works solely for Wellbeing People Ltd.   

In 2021, Siobhan stepped back from sales to manage Customer Events and Delivery Administration, where she works closely with the Delivery Team, Wellbeing Coaches and the rest of the team.  

Siobhan loves to spend time with her family and friends, living her best life and making memories at home and away!

Charlotte payne

Creative Executive 

Meet Charlotte

Charlotte is our Creative Executive, having joined the Wellbeing People team in 2022.

With a rich background in the equestrian industry, Charlotte transitioned from a role as a Marketing Coordinator for a leading equine nutrition company to bring a fresh surge of creativity and insight to our team. Her passion for wellness not only shines through her work but also embodies her personal pursuits. In her spare time, Charlotte can be found embracing the great outdoors, whether she's riding her horse or walking her dogs through the countryside.

Her love for animals and nature complements her role at Wellbeing People, where she is devoted to nurturing our ethos of empowering people to live their best lives. 

Grant Payne
Grant payne

Lead Wellbeing Coach

Meet Grant

Grant has worked on many projects with Wellbeing People over the years but in 2020, became a member of the team. Grant is Lead Wellbeing Coach.

Grant is a former Professional Footballer and an accomplished Fitness Trainer, Presenter and Tutor with over 19 years’ experience working within the Health and Fitness industry. Grant is a qualified British School of Coaching (BSC) Level 5 Coach and Mentor with a wealth of practical, down to earth knowledge and experience. He creates a fun learning environment for clients to focus on meaningful improvements and outcomes. With this focus, Grant has designed and delivered wellbeing interventions that involve coaching, learning and development to individuals, teams and organisations in a range of settings.

Grant has previously worked as a Tutor and Assessor with Premier Global/NASM and is a Freelance Teacher for further education training.

Carin Söderberg

Wellbeing Coach

Meet Carin

Carin joined Wellbeing People in 2022 as a Wellbeing Coach and is a valued member of the Team!

Carin is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and a Functional Breathing Instructor, as well as a blood sugar expert. With a holistic approach to wellbeing and a focus on each person’s bio individuality, Carin has created and taught programmes designed to support, encourage and educate on topics including functional breathing, stress, sleep and diabetes management.

Carin is an experienced coach, speaker and educator with a passion for simplifying the way we view health and wellbeing. Focusing on the fundamental cornerstones of sleep, movement, nutrition, nature and functional breathing she aims to empower clients to find confidence to take ownership of their own wellbeing.

Her passion for good food and healthy eating inspired Carin’s previous business in raw chocolate and nutritious treats.

Andy Jee

Lead Installation Coach

Meet Andy

Andy joined Wellbeing People in 2010 as Events Executive and was responsible the delivery of wellbeing equipment and wellbeing events to clients around the UK and Europe. Andy was promoted to Lead Installation Technician and now heads up his team, ensuring we maintain the very best of service for our clients.

Andy left school before he was 16 and joined the Armed Forces as a boy soldier. After his service he worked for Motorway Services as an Account Manager. He didn’t really find his work fit after leaving the Forces until he started working for Wellbeing People.

His wife calls him a geek because he likes to build scale plastic tank model kits which clears his mind and helps with his PTSD.

Rikki Apps 

Installation Technician

Meet Rikki

Rikki joined Wellbeing People in 2016 as an Events Executive delivering wellbeing products and events to clients. He was recently promoted to Installation Technician which involves driving the length and breadth of the country installing the Interactive Health Kiosks for Clients.

Before Rikki joined the company he worked as a Personal Trainer for 8 years helping others achieve their health goals and ambitions. He also supported people through the Skips Scheme as a GP Referral Specialist and taught exercise classes ranging from aerobics to dance, aqua to spin. I

Rikki has 3 main hobbies he enjoys: he loves Marvel and anything and everything to do with Marvel! He also enjoys jigsaw puzzles and video games, and last of all, his one true love is playing darts every Friday night in the local darts league. He has been playing from as young as 3 years old and was taught by his nan and grandad.