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These testimonials not only reflect the impact of our products and services but also serve as a beacon of inspiration for what is possible when we focus on our personal wellbeing. 

"Empowering! I thoroughly enjoyed the 12-week course. I learned a great deal about myself and how to optimise my own physical and mental wellbeing. Our coach Grant, helped us expertly navigate the course, and I would definitely recommend it."

Elliot  Dover CC

"Phillip & Siobhan at Wellbeing People made the engagement and supply of our wellbeing kiosk a very smooth process and were on hand to provide support when required, whether it be on-site for the kiosk or providing analysis and guidance of the wellbeing reports derived from the kiosks - as a result over 700+ colleagues have checked in on their wellbeing in the last two months, making a real difference to their awareness and lifestyles!"

Gavin Heathrow

"It was 12 weeks that will help me for the rest of my life. It was invaluable and I will now have this learning forever. It’s like having a superpower.
The Recalibrate Wellbeing programme has turned my life upside down in a great way and restored my work-life balance."

Anna-Marie  Golding homes

"I have taken on board so many strategies and ideas which I am aiming to gradually implement into my life. The messages that you and your teams at Wellbeing People promote really resonate with me and honestly just appreciate it so much."

Sammy Foster & partners

"The installation of the Interactive Health Kiosk was well planned and was carried out seamlessly. I also received all the information I could need to maintain the machine while in situ. It was great that we were also provided with promotional material to spread the word about the initiative. We are nearly halfway through our use of the Interactive Health Kiosk and so far staff engagement has been really successful. I would recommend Wellbeing People and in particular the Interactive Health Kiosk, especially for larger more complex organisations. We will certainly look at using Wellbeing People again in the future!

Rhiannon  the royal albert hall

“I often say to my teenagers “It’s a shame we humans don’t come with an instruction manual” so we can check we’re looking after ourselves properly with everything our bodies need for good health and wellbeing. The Recalibrate course has given me this and more. I’ve learnt a lot and found the small positive challenges encouraging, which has helped me change my mindset on so many aspects."

caroline restoring health

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