Employee engagement with the Interactive Health Kiosk

Interactive Health Kiosk

Wave goodbye to traditional health checks. Our Interactive Health Kiosk is the radical approach to employee health that HR Managers have been waiting for.


Our Interactive Health Kiosk offers a unique experience that empowers employees to take control of their personal wellbeing. It significantly increases employee engagement in workplace wellbeing initiatives. The Health Kiosk enables employees to self-test their key health metrics and walk away with a personal, confidential printout of their Health MOT results.  We have a range of rental options available to help you understand the current health of your workforce with our anonymous reporting feature.

What's included in the Interactive health kiosk package?

  • Core Health MOT assessment as standard on all Interactive Health Kiosk programmes
  • Access to our online My Wellbeing People Account for each user to access their results as well as the paper printout
  • Aggregated anonymous health statistic reporting
  • Promotional and supporting literature 
  • Installation and collection
  • Onsite training

Key features:

  • Easy, quick and confidential
  • Self-test health assessment with an instant printout of results
  • Flexible rental programmes available 
  • Personalised company branding
  • Additional software is available to maximise the health screening for both the employee and the organisation
  • Each feature used on the Health Kiosk provides diverse anonymous aggregate data and analysis allowing organisations to get invaluable insight into the health and wellbeing of their workforce.


  • Blood pressure
  • Heart rate
  • Body mass index
  • Body fat content
  • Wellbeing Age® 
  • Weight

Additional HEALTH KIOSK software

 We can build an employee wellbeing package to suit your organisation's specific needs, and obtain the data and outcomes required. In addition to the core Health MOT tests, a variety of programmes can be pre-selected to maximise the screening for both the employee and the business.

Boomerang Life Balance - lifestyle questionnaire

Boomerang Life Balance is a a multiple choice touch screen questionnaire that evaluates the individual using 10 lifestyle categories. Body, Sleep, Exercise, Relaxation, Work Life, Home Life, Stress, Diet, Alcohol and Smoking. Boomerang Life Balance is our most popular selected option.  

Test time averages 4 minutes.

Hydration Quota – how much water should you drink

It is vital that you consume enough fluid throughout the day to stay hydrated and healthy. Through a series of questions and answers, the Hydration Quota calculates whether an individual should be drinking additional fluid  in order to be adequately hydrated.

Test time averages 2 minutes

MyMood – engagement tool to record emotional wellbeing

MyMood is a mental resilience app that helps individuals to understand how they are feeling and why they might feel that way. MyMood is designed to refer individuals to one service (i.e. EAP, occupational health) for further support if required.

Test time averages 1 minute

Lifestyle Referrals – support and guidance

Individuals can request lifestyle support and guidance through an organisation or a business’ in-house support services or health providers

Selection Screens – for capturing further information

For capturing further information which can be included within your reporting metrics, these can include options such as departments, employee or contractor, shift patterns or when did you last go to the dentist?

Evaluation Screen – feedback to rate the experience

The Evaluation Screen captures feedback from users of the Health Kiosk to rate their experience.

Data Management and Reporting

Rental of the Interactive Health Kiosk can be for a week, a few months or longer – whatever fits in with your budget, timescales and location.  We offer complete flexibility.

Rental programmes

Whether you would like a long term, short term or just a one day rental, Wellbeing People will discuss your requirements with you and build a package that fits in with your budget, location and timescales.  We understand that organisations needs may change, therefore with all our programmes we offer total flexibility so that we are able to adapt and support your business needs.

We can provide a Wellbeing People Health Coach to support one day rental programmes. For longer term rentals, a member of the Wellbeing People team will train a designated employee or site manger to use the Health Kiosk which will include how to replace paper rolls for the results slips.

Interactive Health Kiosk training, installation and collection are included as part of all rental programmes.

Please note, whilst our Health Kiosks remain unsupported in your location, they would need to be covered by your own insurance.

REPORting and referrals

Being able to understand the health metrics of a workforce is the key to being able to deliver the right support services to help employees make positive changes to their own health and wellbeing.

After each wellbeing programme, health fair event or rental period, an anonymised management report is generated. Wellbeing People report on all aspects of the process, from individuals receiving a measure of their vital signs over time, to complete management reports.  Reports are carefully analysed and suggestions made by the Wellbeing People team.

Further comparison reports can be created over time if a Health Kiosk is onsite for a long term rental.  Anonymised user analysis tracks trends such as weight loss or reduced blood pressure – these statistics can be provided in a report.

Building new and strengthening existing referral pathways is crucial to the success of any health and wellbeing programme.

We work closely with organisations to ensure that the journey from initial engagement to final outcome maximises the potential to improve the health and wellbeing of the employee or individual; identifying need, finding an appropriate intervention and seeking to support the individual through to a positive measurable outcome.


Wellbeing strategies can be put into place to help ensure the good health and wellbeing of employees.  Being proactive rather than reactive to staff health issues could result in better staff retention, reduced levels of sickness and increased productivity and performance.

Our rental programmes, reports and referrals are all tools to help businesses and organisations build their own wellbeing strategy.

Healthy staff = healthy business

My wellbeing people account

My Wellbeing People Account is an online portal that has been designed to further engage employees in their own health and wellbeing. 

effective employee engagement tool

My Wellbeing People Account is an easy platform to use and is accessible via computer, tablet or mobile. The core programme comes as standard with the rental of our Interactive Health Kiosk.

Employees can create a confidential account on our Interactive Health Kiosk and are able to use these same login details to access their wellbeing account online.  Each time a Health MOT is carried out, the results are automatically populated into 'My Health Metrics' tab within the online platform.  The user can also add additional health readings manually, such as blood glucose and cholesterol test results.  They can also calculate their BMI on the portal if required.

My Wellbeing People Account enables individuals to track their progress over time, address any health issues raised and subsequently make any necessary lifestyle changes.

Who is the interactive health kiosk for?


Forward thinking organisations that would like to engage and empower their employees in mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. 


Businesses that would like to take the guesswork out of employee wellbeing so that they can create a sustainable, long-term wellbeing strategy. 


Organisations that have employees working outside conventional working hours. It is great for businesses that have workers on the road or working from a central office/site.

A Revolution in Workplace Wellbeing

A game-changing workplace health assessment tool that allows you to understand the health of your workforce. Contact our team to find out more information about our rental options.

INteractive Health kiosk -Frequently asked questions

What is the interactive health kiosk?

The Interactive Health Kiosk is a step-on piece of equipment that is used to give individuals the opportunity to gain invaluable insight into their health and overall wellbeing. It is easy to use, you just step on the footplate at the base of the Health Kiosk and follow the on-screen instructions to complete your Health MOT!

Do you provide a detailed report so i can see the health of my entire workforce?

Each feature used on the Interactive Health Kiosk can give you diverse anonymous aggregate data and analysis allowing you to get an incredible insight into the health and wellbeing of your staff.

Can we have multiple site/location bookings for the interactive health kiosk?

Yes, we can deliver our Interactive Health Kiosks to different locations as part of your wellbeing programme.

Will anyone else see my results?

No, your results are completely anonymous and confidential.  Your results will be printed from the Interactive Health Kiosk directly, so only you can view them and if you have registered an account on the Health Kiosk, you can view them within your Wellbeing People Account online, and receive your results by email.


Personal data can only be accessed by the user, via their login and password details which are encrypted.

What is Wellbeing Age® and how is it calculated? 

Wellbeing Age® is a programme that is accessed via the Interactive Health Kiosk.  Wellbeing Age® is unique algorithm used exclusively by Wellbeing People to measure longevity and optimal wellbeing.  It is calculated by cross-referencing 5 evidence-based wellbeing metrics to produce a bespoke score for you.  This enables you to better understand your own wellbeing.

It is calculated by cross-referencing smoking, blood pressure, heart rate, BMI and sleep. It captures objective metrics at the time you complete the snapshot assessment.  It is important to know that your Wellbeing Age® will be influenced by caffeine consumption, stress levels, illness and medication on the day of testing. Ensuring you are relaxed with a resting heart rate will give you the most accurate result.

What should my employees do if they are concerned about their results?

The Interactive Health Kiosk is not a diagnostic device and should not be used as such; target figures are for guidance only. If your employees are concerned about their results, we suggest that they seek further advice from a healthcare professional such as a pharmacist, nurse, or doctor. (Please be aware that health readings may vary during the day). 

don't just take our word for it ...

Over 700+ colleagues have checked in on their wellbeing in the last two months, making a real difference to their awareness and lifestyles! - Gavin Lattimore, Heathrow

Staff engagement has been really successful.
I would recommend Wellbeing People and in particular the Interactive Health Kiosk, especially for larger more complex organisations - Rhiannon Bromley, Royal Albert Hall

We had Wellbeing People’s Health Kiosks at all of our production sites and the uptake was above all expectations. We had an expectation of 40% engagement, but it was almost 85% - KP SNACKS


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