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Our innovative wellbeing products will help foster a culture of resilience and productivity, where your team can excel both personally and professionally. 



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At Wellbeing People, we provide a proactive approach to workplace wellbeing. We offer a range of digital and physical wellbeing solutions that can be tailored to your organisation’s requirements. 

Wellbing People - Interactive Health Kiosk

Interactive Health Kiosk

Wellbeing People - Health Screening

Health Screening sessions

Wellbeing People - Recalibrate Wellbeing Programme

Recalibrate Wellbeing® Programme

Wellbeing People - Recalibrate Wellbeing Ambassador Training

Recalibrate Wellbeing® Ambassador Training

Wellbeing Workshops and Webinars

Wellbeing People - Personal Wellbeing Consultation

Personal wellbeing Consultations

About Us

We are committed to cultivating a workplace culture of diversity, inclusion and belonging, where everyone owns and values their wellbeing, regardless of their starting point.

Through our transformational workplace wellbeing products we not only prevent lifestyle diseases by creating sustainable wellbeing but we empower people to live their best lives.

our approach


We believe that active employee engagement is the foundation for a healthy and thriving workplace. Our innovative products provide 'light bulb' moments that spark personal wellbeing journeys. 


Education plays a vital role in promoting wellbeing in the workplace. We ensure that employees have the necessary tools, knowledge and belief to make informed choices for their health and wellbeing.


We empower your employees to spread the wellbeing ripple. By fostering a culture of empowerment, we enable employees to build resilience, manage stress, and achieve a harmonious work-life balance.

REVOLUTIONIsE workplace wellbeing in 2024!

Get £150 off a Wellbeing Webinar of your choice when hiring an Interactive Health Kiosk.

Merge technology with interactive learning to help engage, educate and empower your employees in their personal wellbeing in 2024.

Don't just take our word for it...

We had Wellbeing People’s Health Kiosks at all of our production sites and the uptake was above all expectations. We had an expectation of 40% engagement, but it was almost 85% - KP Snacks

Over 700+ colleagues have checked in on their wellbeing in the last two months, making a real difference to their awareness and lifestyles! - Heathrow 

Staff engagement has been really successful.
I would recommend Wellbeing People and in particular the Interactive Health Kiosk, especially for larger more complex organisations -  Royal Albert Hall


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