The Power of Change Webinar Series

Pension Insurance Corporation plc are proud sponsors of a series of six wellbeing webinars featuring inspirational celebrity guests, exclusively run for their members and MNOPF Trustees Ltd’s members.

Hosted by Wellbeing People, the collaborative series was created to empower members in their personal wellbeing to help them build a better, more confident future.

Wellbeing People’s Lead Wellbeing Coach, Grant Payne, talked to the guest celebrities about their incredible life journeys, the unstoppable mindset that helped them overcome challenges and how they have used their experiences to help other people. The recordings of each webinar are now available to view.

6 inspirational celebrity guests.

Webinar one – Learn to love drinking less with Adrian Chiles
One of the UK’s most recognisable broadcasters, Adrian Chiles, shares his life experience with alcohol. This webinar is by no means ‘anti-alcohol’ and leaves participants with an increased awareness around alcohol consumption.

Webinar two – How adopting a growth mindset fuels perseverance with Steve Brown
Former England Wheelchair Rugby Captain and TV Presenter, Steve Brown, discussed how a growth mindset helps us to view challenges as opportunities rather than insurmountable obstacles

Webinar three – The power of social connection and interconnectivity with Natasha Kaplinsky
TV presenter and journalist, Natasha Kaplinsky, talked about how we can all safeguard our overall wellbeing by actively seeking ways to connect with others either virtually or in person.

Webinar four – Discover key elements for optimal wellbeing with Ed Balls
Broadcaster, writer and economist, Ed Balls chatted about our mindset around food, the importance of movement and why financial wellbeing helps us to feel safe, and in control.

Webinar five – Men’s health in later life with Dr Anand Patel
GP and Broadcaster, Dr Anand Patel, delivered some fascinating facts about the overall state of men’s health and what men can do to live in better health for longer. Women will also benefit from this recording with valuable insights into our overall health and wellbeing.

Webinar six – Unveiling the path to a more balanced life with The Reverend Canon Kate Bottley

Reverend Canon Kate Bottley talked about navigating changes in later life and how the power of self-worth, emotional well-being and connection can help to overcome them. 

Empowering change

Wellbeing People are a leading provider of wellbeing solutions for businesses, organisations and individuals. They believe that projects such as these are essential in helping to keep people safe, healthy and independent, particularly in later life.

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