Personal Wellbeing Consultations

The perfect solution for any business that wants to engage their employees in their own wellbeing.

Wellbeing People Health Screening Assessment

unlock the best version of your team

Our Personal Wellbeing Consultations offer a unique employee wellbeing service as they empower individuals to recognise their personal wellbeing goals. Our 30-minute, one-to-one consultations show your commitment to workplace wellbeing as our expert Wellbeing Coaches provide a personalised action plan depending on the goals and aspirations aired by the employee. 

What's included in the assessment?
  • Discussion around the results of key health metrics
  • Explore employees personal goals and aspirations 
  • Guidance on best practices and winning habits 
  • Our coaches sign post internal support systems such as EAPs, support networks and resources
  • Bespoke wellbeing action-plan
Key features:
  • Delivered by an expert Wellbeing People Coach
  • Delivered on site as a one-to-one health assessment
  • Up to 10 assessments per day, per wellbeing coach
  • Online appointment booking service
  • Marketing and promotional e-invites and posters included

Health and Wellbeing assessment

Research has proven that tackling our health is easier when we have an easy and definitive way to track our progress.

Put your employee wellbeing first

Our wellbeing consultations provide employees with the tools to take control of their own wellbeing. Our personalised health consultations offer guidance on developing positive lifestyle habits, managing stress, and creating a better balance between work and home life. Participants will also receive a digital guide to Health and Optimal Wellbeing, along with insights on their personal metrics and next steps.

Promotional material

Prioritising wellbeing is sometimes viewed as selfish or a waste of ‘good’ time, but from Wellbeing People’s experience, it can be one of the most selfless and time saving activities an individual can invest in.

We offer an online appointment service and E-Invites to help increase uptake and ensure you boost employee wellbeing within your business. 

bespoke action plan

1 in 2 strokes and heart attacks are the result of high blood pressure. 

What gets measured, gets managed

Our consultations provide the opportunity to proactively identify potential health issues, empowering individuals to take necessary measures to reduce their long-term health risks.

Our Wellbeing Age® score is based on an unique algorithm which is centred around chronic inflammation and longevity research, it provides a snapshot assessment of employee’s biological age vs their chronological age and helps to empower employees to make sustainable and informed lifestyle changes. 

Who is it for?


Businesses that would like to take the first steps towards creating a healthier and more productive working environment.  


Employees who struggle to switch off and would like to improve their relationship with technology. 


Managers who are interested in creating a supportive digital wellbeing culture within their organisations. 


Research has proven that tackling our health is easier when we have an easy and definitive way to track our progress


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