Advanced wellbeing age assessment

Inspire your employees to lead a balanced and healthier lifestyle, contributing to a more energetic, focused, and resilient workforce.

Make your team's health a priority

The Advanced Wellbeing Age® Assessment provides valuable insights into how employees’ lifestyle habits may be impacting their current and long-term health. It goes beyond traditional health screening by revealing an individual's Wellbeing Age®,
which reflects their body’s internal health by assessing 10 key areas.

Here's what you can expect...

Data driven health insights

Make it easier for your employees to focus their wellbeing efforts and kick-start health awareness across your business. 

4 Physical Assessments

These non-strenuous assessments include balance, strength, movement, blood pressure and heart rate.

6 Lifestyle Questions

Covering sleep, smoking, sitting, stimulants, social engagement and stress.

1 Accurate Wellbeing Age® for your employees

Wellbeing Age® is not merely the addition of the effect of each assessment. Our unique algorithm works out the effects that they have on each other either positively or negatively.

1 Wellbeing age® report for your business

Understand the health of your workforce with our anonymous report. Discover which lifestyle choices are adding years to your employees' Wellbeing Age® to craft effective future initiatives. 

Revolutionise Employee wellbeing

Age is just a number, but our Wellbeing Age® tells a different story. Employees will walk away with a detailed report and feel empowered to lead a balanced and healthier lifestyle that allows them to have more energy, focus and resilience in everyday life. 

empower a health conscious culture

The Advanced Wellbeing Age® Assessment is pivotal for motivating lasting, meaningful changes in lifestyle choices that resonate both at an individual and corporate level, fostering a robust and health-conscious culture within your organisation.

Who is it for?

Whether you're a start-up eager to set a healthy foundation or a multinational corporation looking to overhaul your wellness strategy, our Advanced Wellbeing Age® Assessment is ideal for businesses that:


Value the health and wellness of their employees as a key component of success.


Want to invest in a sustainable wellbeing programme that supports employee's mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.


Are eager to attract the best talent by showcasing a health-conscious corporate culture.

It's time to PRIORITise health, happiness and productivity.

Contact us today and discover how the Advanced Wellbeing Age® Assessment can transform your organisation's health and success.

Frequently asked questions

How many assessments can be carried out each day?

Our expert Wellbeing Coaches can deliver up to  15 assessments per day, per coach. To discuss your organisation's requirements please do not hesitate to contact us via our enquiry form or call our team on 01622 834 834.

How is the wellbeing age® calculated?

Wellbeing Age® is a unique algorithm to measure longevity and optimal wellbeing. It is calculated by cross-referencing the results of the 10 assessments Stream, Strength, Structure, Spark, Smoking, Stress, Stimulants, Sitting, Sleep and Social. If any of the readings are outside the ideal ranges for your employees' age then our algorithm will calculate the increased inflammatory risk to the individual's longevity and subsequently add years to their Wellbeing Age®.

Wellbeing Age® and biological age work on similar principles - how cells and tissues are currently functioning e.g. someone with chronic inflammation due to lifestyle habits will have cells and tissues which function older than a person's chronological/actual age therefore increasing their wellbeing/biological age.

Biological age calculations are more accurate predictors of longevity as ageing is a leading factor for disease. Understanding biological age will help counter the negative changes that occur with ageing whilst empowering individuals to make informed and specific decisions to kickstart their health and stride towards optimal wellbeing.

What's the benefit to my business?

Wellbeing is not just about eating well and exercising; it encompasses everything from stress levels, social life, and hormone balance, to mental health, sleep patterns, and even your sense of purpose and fulfillment. Our Advanced Wellbeing Age® Assessment provides several benefits for your organisation as it makes it easier for employees to focus their wellbeing efforts and kickstart health awareness across your business.

  • Early detection - It uncovers health issues early, reducing long term employee absence
  • Productivity boost - Healthier employees tend to be more productive and efficient especially when they are leading a more balanced lifestyle.
  • Absenteeism reduction - Better health equates to fewer days off work.
  • Morale enhancement - Demonstrates care, improving workforce morale and loyalty.
  • Be an employer of choice - Effective workplace wellbeing programmes act as a valuable perk when attracting new talent.

Do you provide any additional support?

We offer an online appointment booking service with reminder emails along with a full marketing pack including posters, e-invites and shareable graphics that have been designed to be included in your company newsletter and company intranet pages. 

Want to take your employee support to the next level?

Consider our online video calls with expert coaches. Get in touch with our team to explore this option. It's a fantastic way to prioritise your employees' health all year round as they can check in on their lifestyle upgrades!

Don't just take our word for it

The exercise has generated a lot of positive talk about health. Your Wellbeing Age is a good ice breaker and I think a number of people have taken the advice seriously. A very positive experience as an individual and my site.

Very helpful at explaining the lifestyle factors that contribute to health-related ageing.

Very good experience with easy and accurate instructions to follow and very rewarding feedback.

I plan to start exercising a bit more and fix my sleep schedule. Also, monitor my blood pressure a bit more.


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