Nutrients vs calories

NUTRIENTS vs calories

Gain a deeper understanding of how proper nutrition fuels our bodies and learn to make informed choices that optimise your wellbeing in this wellbeing workshop and webinar.


 At Wellbeing People, we understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to nutrition. We are all wonderfully unique, and our bodies have different nutritional needs. This highly engaging workplace workshop ensures that employees are nourishing their bodies in the best way possible to boost mental wellbeing, focus, digestive function and overall gut health.

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Here's what you can expect...

take control of your health and wellbeing

Nutrition is not just about counting calories or restricting certain food groups. It encompasses the essential nutrients that our bodies need to function at their best. During the webinar delegates will learn how to build a personalised nutrition plan.

Debunking Common Nutrition Myths

Your team will learn how to separate fact from fiction when it comes to nutrition. Our coaches will debunk some of the most common nutrition myths and provide your employees with evidence-based information to ensure they make informed choices for their wellbeing.

Unveiling the Secrets of Nutrition

Discover how specific nutrients can positively impact our mental wellbeing, influence our moods and cognitive function. A well-rounded diet ensures that our bodies can effectively absorb and utilise essential nutrients allowing us to thrive.

Who is it for?


Businesses that would like to increase the health, happiness and vitalilty of their workforce by providing an informative workshop that allows employees to upgrade their diet on any budget.


Employees who are seeking a healthier lifestyle and want to increase the quality of each meal for all-day-long energy.


Pro-active organisations that want to  empower employees to thrive by understanding the difference between nutrients vs calories and how they impact overall wellbeing.

Good nutrition starts with knowledge 

Whether you are looking for a one off wellbeing event, mini series or full series get in contact with our team today to find out more information about our Nutrients vs Calories session.

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