Occupational Health

What is occupational health?

Occupational health refers to the physical and mental health and wellbeing of employees in the workplace. The aim of occupational health services is to prevent work-related health illness or injury and provide the opportunity for employees to discuss any physical or mental health issues that may affect their work. Good practice involves adapting a role to suit the worker, and not the other way round.

Occupational health and wellbeing support go hand in hand your

Occupational health services and wellbeing support provide a crucial role within businesses that want to create a positive workplace culture. Both disciplines aim to prevent and manage physical and mental health issues related to work. Creating an effective health and wellbeing strategy is about showing employees that you really care, whilst reflecting your organisation’s values. It is about prevention over cure, with the provision of immediate and ongoing support, enabling employees to feel their best!

What are the benefits of a good workplace culture?

Employees are a key business asset and essential to productivity and profitability. Ensuring that occupational health and wellbeing support are maximised will help accomplish the following benefits:

  • A happy workforce (invaluable for the success of a business)
  • Improved employee satisfaction and motivation
  • Improved productivity and teamwork
  • Lower levels of absenteeism
  • Fewer work-related injuries
  • Enhanced reputation and attraction of top talent
  • Research shows that good health is good for business and better workplaces have better financial results.

Research shows that good health is good for business and better workplaces have better financial results.

Workplace Wellbeing

Narrow the search for your next wellbeing initiative and discover the Wellbeing People approach to workplace wellbeing.

Create a thriving workplace

Wellbeing People believe that the role of businesses is to create a workplace environment where everyone can thrive.

Understanding that health and wellbeing are different for everybody. Implementing both Occupational Health and Wellbeing Programmes and Services that support diversity and inclusion within a workforce is fundamental to any workplace health and wellbeing strategy. Providing an environment where every employee feels valued and cared for, ultimately leads to a healthier, happier workforce and in turn, a healthier, more profitable business.

Introducing a programme of Wellbeing Webinars or Wellbeing Workshops is a simple way to help your employees take ownership of their own wellbeing as well as being able to recognise that others around them may need support too. Online webinars and onsite workshops are an informative, interactive and easily accessible way of providing the essential support employees need.

An online wellbeing programme such as our Recalibrate Wellbeing Programme addresses mindset and helps individuals to make positive choices to their lifestyle habits, in small simple steps, habit upgrades and a mantra of progress not perfection. An easy to implement, accessible and information programme that will inevitably support a positive workplace culture within your organisation.

Another effective way to get employees engaged in their wellbeing is via our Interactive Health Kiosk This is a practical, yet powerful, way for employees to measure their vital health metrics in just 8 minutes! The Health Kiosk can be positioned onsite for short or long-term rental, enabling users to measure their health statistics and for the company to understand the health of their workforce!

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