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Digital overload can lead to burnout and increased stress levels among employees. Our digital wellbeing workshop provides hacks that allow your team to achieve a healthy life balance by utilising technology effectively. 

Embrace the power of technology to work smarter, not harder

In today's technology-driven world, digital wellbeing has become increasingly important. The constant presence of digital devices and the overwhelming amount of information can easily lead to distractions and a sense of being constantly "plugged in." At Wellbeing People, we understand the challenges individuals face in managing their digital lives effectively.

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Here's what you can expect...

managing digital distractions and interuptions

Allow your team to regain control of their workday as they learn how to utilise tools and apps to minimise digital distractions.

LEVERAGING technology for optimal performance

Digital wellbeing is not about completely disconnecting from technology; it's about finding the right balance and learning to use digital tools mindfully to reduce stress and enhance focus.

Creating a Culture of Work-Life Agility

It's not just about finding a balance between technology and our personal lives, but also developing a healthy relationship with the digital world that empowers us to thrive.

Who is it for?


Businesses that would like to take the first steps towards creating a healthier and more productive working environment.  


Employees who struggle to switch off and would like to improve their relationship with technology. 


Managers who are interested in creating a supportive digital wellbeing culture within their organisations. 

Ready to take your digital wellbeing to the next level

Whether you are looking for a one off wellbeing event, mini series or full series get in contact with our team today to find out more information.

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