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Promoting wellbeing creates a positive working environment where individuals and organisations can thrive. Below are 10 reasons why the Interactive Health Kiosk enables this to happen:


1. Engagement – helps employees to feel valued

The Health Kiosk is versatile, functional, far-reaching and most of all engaging!  Engagement helps to build physical and mental wellbeing with employees feeling happier and motivated over a longer period of time.  Most people love to feel valued and cared for and offering something as simple as a Health MOT (or health check) can have a huge impact on employee engagement.  

2. Productivity – improve performance and innovation

Using the Health Kiosk can be just the nudge needed to create positive lifestyle changes.  This will in turn improve health and wellbeing and lead to higher productivity and performance in the workplace!  By creating a culture where employees feel valued and happy to be at work, an organisation can often see improvements in productivity, innovation, financial performance, and reductions in absence and staff turnover.

3. Accessible – facilitates employees working hours 24/7

Having a Health Kiosk available for short or long term rental enables employees to use it at a time that is convenient for them.  This facilitates employees with less conventional hours or out on the road for most of the day, to manage their own health and wellbeing.   The Health Kiosk also provides an uninhibited means for staff to take a look at their general health.

5.  Results – employees can see what areas need to be improved upon immediately!

The Health Kiosk delivers immediate confidential results enabling the user to see if there are any areas for improvement or whether medical advice needs to be sought.  Once the Health MOT has finished, an anonymous printout of the results via the Kiosk and an email (if registered) is administered straight away.

4.  Early warning sign – potential health problems detected early

Using the Health Kiosk is a step to discovering any underlying possible health problems.  It is a good warning system that gives the user the heads up and the chance to seek medical help if required to do so!  It can be this nudge that results in choosing to change negative lifetime habits for healthier positive ones. These can be both physical and mental of course!

The Interactive Health Kiosk
engages employees in personal wellbeing 

6. Tracking – prevention is better than cure!

Individuals can track their health over time. By registering a Wellbeing People Account, which is confidential to each individual, their login details will allow access to view their own health metrics over time and additional reports showing their progress.  A great incentive for improvement and goal setting!

7. Referral and support – options to get help

The Health Kiosk can also be used as a referral tool.  A pre-set option that displays other services or resources, such as Employee Assistance Programmes. This enables an organisation or business’s in-house support services or health providers to be accessed readily.

8. Volume – a Health MOT can be taken every 6 minutes!

Taking a Health MOT is a great way to screen the health of your staff ‘en masse’!   As the health assessment only takes from around 5-8 minutes*, it can accommodate a high volume of employees in a short amount of time!  *This will depend on which software is selected with your Health Kiosk Programme

9. Reports – aggregated reporting for the health of your workforce

Being able to understand the health metrics of a workforce is key to being able to build a wellbeing strategy and deliver the right support services to help employees make positive changes to their own health and wellbeing.  An aggregated report is created from the results that are collected automatically. This report will maintain the anonymity of each employee, whilst giving the employer invaluable insight into the current health of your workforce.

10. Rental – packages to accommodate

We will discuss your requirements and build a rental package to accommodate them.  Rental of the Interactive Health Kiosk can be for just one day, a few months or long term – whatever fits in with your budget, timescales and location.  Wellbeing People offer complete flexibility.

Incorporating a Health Kiosk into the workplace is a strategic investment in the overall wellbeing of your employees

To conclude, incorporating the Interactive Health Kiosk into your wellbeing strategy is not just a technological upgrade, but a strategic investment employee wellbeing.  By fostering a wellbeing culture of engagement, you can empower individuals to take control of their personal wellbeing.

From promoting preventive care to offering personalised insights, our Interactive Health Kiosks contribute to a more proactive and informed workforce.  Prioritising employee wellbeing isn't just a corporate responsibility, it is a pathway to increased productivity, improved morale, and a workplace where individuals thrive both personally and professionally.  Watch as your organization reaps the rewards of a healthier, happier, and more engaged workforce.

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