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Of course, Wellbeing People are advocates of looking after employee wellbeing, which is why running our own staff wellbeing days are so important to us!

The team at Wellbeing People are always so busy looking after the health and wellbeing of other people, that this year, we decided to change things up a bit! We didn’t just want to look after our own staff’s wellbeing but give them a complete break from what they all do, day in, day out. This is where the Wellbeing People Senior Management Team stepped in! To install, deliver and manage the entire staff wellbeing day!

The main aim of this particular Wellbeing Day was to give our own employees a day that was dedicated to them; to experience our wellbeing products in a relaxed atmosphere without the hard work of organising and delivering the event themselves.

As part of the Senior Management Team, I initially found the thought of setting up a wellbeing event quite a daunting prospect! Although I know my own job inside out and backwards, and know ‘what’ is involved in delivering a wellbeing event – actually doing this myself to our own staff, who are already experts in this field, was pushing me right out of my comfort zone! However, pushing myself outside of this zone, was good for my own wellbeing too! Staying in a safe and secure place can have a negative impact on our mental health and limit our potential!

Boosting Morale and staff Engagement

Our Staff Wellbeing Day worked a treat. Everyone was in great spirits and there was a definite positive vibe in the room. The team were keen to use and experience all our products. Our Interactive Health Kiosks were in constant use and the new Mindfulness Sessions were a great hit with many staff commenting afterwards how beneficial they found it.

A Wellbeing workshop that most of us know the content, was also very well received. Sitting, listening and participating brought on a higher absorption of the content. Feedback afterwards showed how much more our staff gained from being an attendee of the workshop. Even taking away just one or two extra pieces of valuable information helps to transform our wellbeing.

Workplace Wellbeing

Narrow the search for your next wellbeing initiative and discover the Wellbeing People approach to workplace wellbeing.

Enhance a culture of wellbeing

Making wellbeing an intrinsic part of your company’s culture will bring lasting positive outcomes. Improving overall health is probably the most beneficial element of looking after your employees’ wellbeing. Taking care of both physical and mental health is paramount to decreasing the risks of illness and disease.

Running a Staff Wellbeing Day

First and foremost, showing your staff appreciation for their contribution to the business is vital to maintaining a happy and productive workforce. There are many ways to achieve this and caring about your staff’s wellbeing is the probably the biggest! Whether you decide to dedicate one wellbeing day every quarter, or have a week of wellbeing, say twice a year. Perhaps position an Interactive Health Kiosk in your offices for a long term period – the rewards that you will gain as a company, are huge:

  1. 1
    Adopting and maintaining healthy behaviours improves physical and mental health. It lowers the risks of poor health and chronic disease, lowers absenteeism
  2. 2
    Creates a positive work environment; reducing stress, increasing resilience, happiness, be more focused
  3. 3
    Improves employee retention and better recruitment. Being a caring company to work for will help to attract and retain top talent!
  4. 4
    Improves communication – people can become lazy in the way they communicate; feeling motivated and energised helps to change this.
  5. 5
    Improves working together as a team – increases employee morale!
  6. 6
    A supportive work environment improves engagement, confidence and encourages innovation
  7. 7
    Helps your employees to live the best life they possibly can which keeps them healthy, motivated and content!
  8. 8
    Increased productivity = higher organisational performance

Transform Your Wellbeing with our Engaging Staff Event

We wanted to share some photographs of our staff wellbeing day! They really show the level of participation, togetherness, energy, and positivity in the room!

Our Interactive Health Kiosks in use by the team..

Team building - building a spaghetti tower!

Team building – building a spaghetti tower!

Wellbeing Workshops are fun, creating a positive vibe in the room!

Wellbeing Workshops are fun, creating a positive vibe in the room!

Mindfulness workshop

Mindfulness workshop in progress with our Wellbeing Director.

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