Random acts of kindness can help our mental health

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17th February is a day that brings awareness to the act of being kind to others and how helping others can be beneficial to our own mental health.

Not only are we helping an individual in need, however big or small, it can also reduce our stress levels and improve our emotional wellbeing.  Being kind is showing that you care; it helps us to connect with others; it promotes empathy and compassion and it creates an energy that has a positive effect on other people around us.

Focusing our extra attention on this awareness day leads us to actively do something whether at work, socially, school or at home; it simply helps communities to thrive.

Some simple random acts of kindness 

  • Make a cup of tea for a colleague who is under pressure
  • Just listening to a friend or colleague in need – you don’t have to give a solution
  • Send a motivational message to someone you know is struggling
  • Give way to another driver who is trying to get out of a busy junction
  • Help someone who is carrying heavy bags
  • Smile and thank the cashier at the till
  • Give up your seat to someone who needs it more than you
  • Give someone a compliment

A few things to consider…

Be selfless, care for others genuinely and ask for nothing in return –  it is not constructive to be kind because you think you are going to get something back!  Be kind to everyone, not just those you think are in need – make kindness a habit!   Try not to be judgemental – instead of spending time being critical,  you won’t necessarily understand where that person is coming from or what they are going through, give them the benefit of the doubt and don’t expect perfection!

Be kind to yourself too..

And remember to be kind to yourself too!  Take time to become more self-aware, try to deal with any inner negativity you may have without projecting your own hurt and pain. Use this learning to be kinder to both yourself and to others. It’s not just about giving kindness – it is also good to notice when others are kind to you!  Give others the opportunity to be kind to you by accepting graciously – it will help you to feel valued too!

Make a note of 17th February and let it bring awareness of kindness, but not just on that one day, try giving random acts of kindness every day…

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